In America, Religious Identity plays an enormous role in how we think, act & vote. However, are American Christians really living what the Biblical text commands, or are we simply listening to those who use a “Christian” label to achieve their personal ambitions?

Nathan Hocker and Brad Farley discuss the toughest challenges in American politics & culture with Biblical references and hearts as we are called to have.


Brad Farley

Escaped Ohio, grew tired of Florida, and finally found home in Kentucky.

2016 was rough for everyone, but particularly Brad. Job loss, personal issues and a Trumpian victory made it the #worstyearever; however, it brought a deepening of his faith as he explored what the Bible actually says, for himself.

Instead of yelling and protesting at the political turn of events, Brad wanted to find out why the Christian conservative base supported such a controversial self-ideologue. 2 years later he still doesn’t know, but he isn’t shy about sharing his opinions.

While he’s no pastor, Brad reads the Bible devoutly and has a hard time comparing its message with the actions taken by today’s leaders and celebrities who describe themselves as “Christian”.

A Christian with a winding faith journey, Brad does not judge, but he does hold others to account. We’re all sinners, but our leaders need to stop being so damned blatant about it!


Nathan Hocker

Born in Colorado Springs and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, Nathan is an architecture fanatic, a geek of sorts! While he believes faith and politics should not mix, he also feels strongly they *should* be discussed openly and with respect.

Nathan, like many, has become aware of the rise in politics coming from the pulpit, a persuasion of “politi-biblical” untruths; tools used to divide and defend—blasphemy in itself. 

While the Christian ‘left’ and the Christian ‘right’ disagree on many things, he is aware that both are seemingly compelled to shape public policy with religion in some form or fashion.

While Nathan doesn’t claim to be a perfect follower of Christ, he too understands that using Christianity as a political crutch is in itself wrong.