Episode 6 - A Black Guy and a White Guy Moonwalk into a Bar...

The national spotlight turned to Virginia when a proposed abortion bill led to the unintended consequences of someone digging up racist pasts of several high-ranking officials, including Governor Ralph Northam. In this episode, Nate and Brad discuss the history of blackface in America, ask each other if our culture is too sensitive or not sensitive enough, and reveal some issues from our own past. Join the American Heresy crew as we try to find a way forward out of a racial media circus.

Episode 4 - Christian Catfish

Staying on the topic of online behavior, Nate and Brad take a broader look at how everyday Christians—not just our elected officials—SHOULD be living in comparison to the common behaviors of anger & yelling. What does the Bible have to say about approaching someone with accountability? Are there similar examples from our country’s past? American Heresy dives into all that to provide a call to action to all well-intended Christians to promote a more peaceful connected world.

Episode 3 - All the President's Tweets

A common phrase from 2016—as well as 1996—was “I’m not electing the Pope, I’m electing the President”. In the land of separated Church and State, it’s a consistent theme to separate one’s moral preferences from their political choices….. but should we? This week Brad and Nathan discuss the current state of “leadership” in our country, explore some Biblical perspectives, and issue some calls to action to vote with character in mind.